[In the Web] Various reactions on the PALEA strike

Philippine Airline security personnel and members of PNP Aviation Security Group pull members of labor union PALEA out of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2 in Pasay City. RODEL ROTONI/ INQUIRER
Posted by Paul Farol
It’s been five days since the Philippine Airlines Employees Association engaged in work-stoppage which the Philippine Airlines Management claims led to the 11-hour suspension of airport operations and the cancellation of almost 100 flights arriving and departing from PAL’s hub at NAIA Terminal 2. Further statements from the airline company say that almost 14,000 passengers were affected by the ill timed and illegal protest action that happened at the height of Typhoon Pedring.
The rest of PinoyTwitterdom registered mixed reactions with the more prominent ones noting the wrong timing of the PAL strike:

@grettelism di ba you used to work for @flyPAL? You think they’ll be able to see eye to eye with #PALEA?

@ZiaAlontoAdiong @khairyalonto @PrincessTarhata it really is unfair. Dapat may job security din sila. #PALEA

@elvinching12  Palea lost public respect!

@iloveruffag This is the truth, and PAL management paid the media to make PALEA look bad.

@rosymina Thought the PALEA strike was so untimely. But my bro said the strikers had good timing–they didn’t disrupt the flight scheds, Pedring did.

@Olidex  @lesterhallig curious, do you agree with what the palea employees did?

@Bai_Ashrafia  @khairyalonto @ZiaAlontoAdiong I think #PALEA asked the CA to invalidate PAL’s outsourcing plan. I just don’t know how it was resolved.

@khairyalonto @ZiaAlontoAdiong yes, #PALEA is striking because@flyPAL is going to outsource.

@dakila_ph  When your job is being taken from you, you have no choice but to fight for your family’s future. #PALEA

@PrincessTarhata @ZiaAlontoAdiong #PALEA is on a strike because the employees are against the outsourcing plan of @flyPAL

@darwinrona  Now I know #PALEA’s issue. It’s sad many of them worked 4 PAL for like 20 years so a “contractualization” deal is really unfair to them.

@LovingGreyson Lucio Tan, if you’re the one who said to lay off PALEA members, I will loathe you forever and hope you die a slow and painful death.

@chabdru I feel for PALEA employees. It just seems so unfair to them.

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