[In the Web] PALEA sues police for ‘intrusion’

PALEA asks for the support of our fellow Filipinos, and our brothers and sisters in the labor movement. Photo from partidongmanggagawa2011.blogspot.com


Two members of the labor union picketing against Philippine Airlines (PAL) filed complaints on Friday against four members of Southern Police District (SPD) for alleged ‘intrusion’ after the policemen entered the PAL In-Flight Center at the MIA Road last Wednesday.

Philippine Airlines Employees Association (PALEA) board members Jake Garcia and George Dela Rosa, filed their complaints at the SPD headquarters Friday morning against a certain P/Insp. Neil Deveraturda and several other policemen.

Last Oct. 5, PALEA confronted the policemen who were aboard a vehicle with SPD markings because of the “suspicious nature” of entry. After finding out that the policemen were detailed to Taguig, PALEA officers Garcia and Dela Rosa further asked the lawmen why they had not coordinated with the Pasay police and the Inter Agency Monitoring Center which has territorial jurisdiction over the area. But the lawmen were unable to answer PALEA’s questions.

“Unfortunately for PAL, PALEA’s peaceful protest is allowed by the Labor Code. The police should learn from the mistake of their commander-in-chief PNoy who has remained deafeningly silent after his shoot-from-hip threat of filing an economic sabotage case against PALEA,” said PALEA president Gerry Rivera.

PALEA reacts to Tourism Congress statement

PALEA also called on the Tourism Congress to exert its moral influence on PAL to open talks to resolve the ongoing labor dispute. The Tourism Congress
had expressed concern that the labor row is negatively affecting the influx of tourists.

When the Tourism Congress told PALEA to heed the Labor Department and Office of the President, Rivera retorted: “The Tourism Congress is barking up the wrong tree. It is PAL which is not respecting the judicial process by prematurely implementing the outsourcing plan when there is no final decision by the courts.”


Read full story at http://www.gmanews.tv/story/234659/nation/palea-sues-police-for-intrusion



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