[Video] Occupy Youtube 11:11 – youtube

Brief Note:

Let me make it clear that I am no member of this group called the ’11/11 Movement’ who as I have read believe that the number 11 along with the date 11/11 hold a special significance. I don’t know if they are religious cult or part of the doomsday conspiracy. I hope they are not a messenger of some sort of prophesy about the end of the world. but i would gladly embrace it if they are calling for the end of capitalism and the rise of a new era of humanism…

According to blogger, Hazel Bear, the 11:11 Movement is an invitation to change the way in which we live our lives. Instead of being victims and being manipulated by our corrupt governments, we can choose to empower ourselves to take the annitiative and make the changes we want to see happening ourselves. Through using the internet as our communication centre for this project we can, ideally, reach out to as many willing people as possible.

If this is the real message of the cryptic code, then there is nothing to fear about but our readiness to face ourselves…

Just enjoy watching… because that’s the only reason I re-posted this video.

– Carpe Diem


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