[In the Web] Payback time


Philippine President Gloria Arroyo administers the oath to her newly appointed Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona at the Malacanang Palace in Manila. Corona is the 23rd chief justice of the Philippine Supreme Court.. Photo from http://gulfnews.com

By Mr. Oldtowner

Former Philippine President Gloria Arroyo is now reaping of what she sow in her 9 ½ years in office. Mrs. Arroyo was charged before a lower court of election sabotage and was ordered arrested in her hospital bed in late afternoon of Nov. 18, 2011. The arrest warrant was immediately served before Mrs. Arroyo could take her move of going abroad. The ex-president is facing various lawsuits.


Mrs. Arroyo was accused of big time corruption, election cheating, human rights violations and other anomalies that muddled the whole process of governance. Impunity is associated to the then government of Mrs. Arroyo. Her trusted allies, minions and paid hacks made a killing in defrauding, looting and bleeding the country’s wealth. Allegedly, immoderate greed persisted even in the last days of the term of the Arroyo government.


It was like a bacchanalia of anomalies committed. The corrupt system of government affected the very foundation of moral authority usually associated in good governance. All institutions, both private and the public sectors, shamelessly connived with the Arroyo government in changing the outlook of managing the country. The military and police organizations were used in rigging the 2004 and 2007 elections.


Political clans and warlords around the country were ushered in to the seat of power to help the Arroyo government of committing more anomalies and human rights violations. The administration created a monster that stirred fear and anxiety. It was like that there’s no end to injustice. The Arroyo government even tried to stay in power by amending the constitution but met with angry opposition from the different sectors of society.


Nevertheless, Mrs. Gloria Arroyo finished her term but not without assuring herself of protection from lawsuits. The sly former leader appointed most of the justices of the Supreme Court and without a doubt her appointees’ loyalty were tested during the first few months of the new administration of President Noynoy Aquino.


Read full article at http://www.groundreport.com/Business/Payback-time_1/2942648


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